Indian FT JONATHAN PINTO from Accenture Singapore has destroyed the Lives of Singaporean Girls

After some amount of search and asking around, I found the identity of the photographer behind the sex photo shoot of Casey Starrific and Faith and also the raunchy photos of Jocelyn. I had a suspect in mind but I couldn't confirm it until one Thai model sent me a screenshot of the photographer and confirm that it Jonathan who also took her photo with the watermark "JMP". (Many thanks to her.)
The photographer is JONATHAN PINTO and he is a senior manager at multi-national company, Accenture, Singapore. He is IT trained and likely to be from India where he got both his degrees. 
After Jonathan knew that I was trying to find him, he did one of the most common thing to confirm my suspicion. First, he started to change profile pictures to some pussy (the real cat lah) and hiding parts of his Facebook. Later, he totally removed all his Facebook and Linkedin profiles. Now why would someone who have nothing to hide suddenly do all this? 
These Casey, Faith and Jocelyn photos have been on the internet since last year and so many people are looking at it, but no one bothered to expose or find out who the photographer is! 
Here is original FB profile with his face, and then he changed his profile. Now if you try to go – the link is dead. 



Here is LinkedIn profile which he later removed. He also has a "newsle" account which confirms that he works in Accenture and very coincidentally he changed the profile picture to the same cat. 


This is screen shot that the Thai model sent me to confirm the identity of Jonathan Pinto



If you know this JONATHAN PINTO or can provide more information about, please contact Singapore Hall of Shame. And if you work in Accenture, please give him a weird stare or start to scream loudly when you see him. Wonder if the cops are onto him yet? Hmmmm

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