Do not penalise all drinkers because of a few troublemakers

I refer to the VoicesTODAY topic “Should we ban drinking in public?”. To have such a ban and to restrict alcohol sale in coffee shops and retail outlets just because of isolated cases of brawling would be drastic.

Golden Mile Complex, for example, does not have such problems and Thai workers have been here for years to help build our roads and buildings.

Foreign workers like to have a drink and have nowhere else to go, so why restrict or ban them, and others, from drinking in public?

It is the job of the police to ensure safety here.

Heartlanders should have places to relax, chit-chat and watch television programmes over a few drinks with their neighbours and friends.

I am not a drinker, but I feel that we should not penalise others because of a few troublemakers. Let the police do their job.


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