PRs not idiots – they can see how PAP tortures S’poreans

Well, not to talk about Malaysians alone who prefer holding to a PR Status than changing their Nationality to become Singaporeans but even foreigners from PRC, India, Philippine and so forth are having the same mentality…!!!

There are numerous reasons to it other than just to rely on a single cause alone in term of the the exchange rate. The stronger Singapore Dollars to all these PRs enhance their savings back at their own native home that allows them to lead an “above normal comfortable live” when housings, food and etc are far much cheaper as compared to Singapore.

Essentially, all these PRs are not idiots..!! They are literate and can observe and understand how PAP has been badly treating their own Native Citizens despite of the fact that these Natives are the ones who have since voted PAP in to lead and manage this Nation..!! Their (PRs) fear always and continue to remain asking themselves this question :

“What if one day and in time to come after we have taken up a citizenship and we will be badly tortured by the PAP..?? There is no promise of what we can see now on how badly PAP is treating their Native Citizens will not be a similar situation we are expecting in the future after we became citizens”…???

Not taking illustrations which are further away from Singapore. We look at Malaysia alone. Even it is alleged that legal corruption is high but if we look at how the way the Malaysian Government is treating their own Citizens as compared to Singapore, there is a far cry to it…!!!!

You may wish to know that for Malaysians themselves to buy a so call Public Housing, they are really highly subsidized by the government. To this extent if Malaysians have no means in generating an income, the government is giving out small plots of lands to them for free to grow their own vegetables, breeding fouls and etc for survival…!!

What’s more…?? For them going for medical treatments at hospitals, they need to pay a couple of Ringgits when compare to Singapore, you need to fork out at least S$100 (almost 260 Ringgits) going to the government hospital A & E dept in any event of emergencies..!! For a big packet of Panadol painkiller, Malaysians only have to pay for less than one Ringgit at their government hospitals…!!!

Needless to say when comes to public transport fare when Malaysian government provide high subsidies for those handicaps, aged elderly and so forth..!! And this extend right up to those who may need to board an aeroplane..!!! The whole list is countless…!!!

Unlike in Singapore, only the Ministers of all level regardless they are active or inactive, Parliamentary Secretaries, all those holding to high positions in respective government agencies, the PAP MPs and etc are privileged with:

(1) world top salary of over millions of Singapore Dollars,

(2) Healthcare and medical fully subsidized for themselves and their family members,

(3) education for their children are fully subsidized at the expense of We Citizens Money

(4) entitlement to long term pension or lump-sum payment and

(5) many etc + etc…!!!

Which, all the True native Born Singaporeans are not entitled to…!!!

From here, who will chose to convert themselves to be a Singaporean when the PAP Government only bother to look after their own Team and their own pockets…???

Thank you.

Tham Weng Kay

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