This article is in response to the 16 year old's pure and honest stance on what he thinks of the PAP. 
Kid, kudos to setting forth your support. Myself, too, believe in the points he raised and the arguments that he as a willow teen bravely defended the PAP.
Of course, the PAP is strongly rooted in its morals and garnered considerable support of the prime of the society to continue upholding its promise to our flourishing island and shamefully, our bitter locals have nothing but personal attack for our brave youth here.
I just have something to say – if bashers truly believe that PAP is incompetent in any possible aspect, (leaving them roofless, penniless, without savings, denied of any form of safety), they challenge the exact notion they are unhappy with. Example: I AM ANGRY AT PAP FOR GIVING MY CHILDREN QUALITY EDUCATION AT SUBSIDIZED PRICES UNLIKE OTHER COUNTRIES 
They do not, DO NOT sink to do the low-down and condemn, criticize and personally attack any members of PAP, or their supporters. It is in this very response that they relinquish their right of choosing their own government – do they even have the decency to act like a cultured individual? 
Of course, their demands are accompanied by their ideal life of having cheap cars, no COEs, no jams, no ERPs (just look at the irony staring), low taxes (our tax structure is one of the lowest in the world and if they can't afford expensive houses and cars they probably don't have to pay much taxes either) and not train breakdowns. Seriously I'm getting sick of the train breakdown complaints that involve apparently the taxes they paid (probably low) or the rising transport costs (about a few cents per trip) that ultimately boils down to the incompetency of PAP according to them. 
According to them, EVERYTHING is the PAP's fault.
Accident on road: PAP. 
Murder case: PAP
Bought expensive pandas: PAP
Can they be more objective in their arguments?
I'm not taking the friendly stance here because the 16 year old did and he was personally attacked and flamed anyway.
This article will probably receive many negative out lash and personal attacks on myself and hence will serve to show exactly what I am trying to prove from this article. (Para 5) 

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