Fion Phua – A True Singaporean Heroine

I'd like to highlight the wonderful work done by a very kind lady – Mdm Fion Phua. Her FB page is here. Mdm Phua has for the better part of the last decade dedicated much of her time, effort and money to help the less well off in Singapore. 

Mdm Fion Phua (pictured here in 2008) is a true Singaporean heroine in every sense of the word.

She helped found a movement – Pass It On Furniture, where she asks Singaporeans or anyone living here to not throw away their old but usable furniture or electronic appliances. Instead to pass it to her so that she can re-distribute this to those who might need it. She even arranged for it to be picked up and then delivered the persons who need it, all free of charge.

When I was in a bit of dire straights 9 years ago, her assistance helped me get some basic furnishings for my home as well as things like a fridge, washing machine, microwave etc. She had a trusty delivery driver – Ah Poh, who would collect the stuff and send it over. Later when he had extra stuff, he would sometimes call me and ask me to ask around to see who needed whatever items he had in storage. His initiative allowed Mdm Phua to focus on helping the needy directly especially those in 1 room flats. 

She also assisted this family who had run out of rice. You can read the New Paper article here.

I am not sure if Ms Phua still oversees Pass It On, but she's spending the new year seeking volunteers who can help paint and clean the homes of those who need assistance. If any of you have the time to spare, please feel free to contact her via FB and offer your assistance. 

Don't discard old appliances. If it's clean, not broken and still usable, why not Pass it On?

If she still oversees Pass It On, you can also donate your usable items to her. Any household appliance is alright and the same goes for furniture. However please ensure that appliances are still in working condition, and furniture is clean and not damaged or broken. Alternatively you can also contact the Pass It On.Org run by the Helping Hand, which also collects such items and redistributes to the needy especially the 1 roomers. 

The Helping Hand runs You can contact them via their web page here.

Chinese New Year will soon be round the corner, and there will be those who will buy new stuff, so try not to throw away the old stuff if it's still in good working condition. Instead donate it to either Ms Phua or Better still if you have new items to sponsor or give away, that would be a good way to share the CNY joy with the less fortunate. 

The fake but very seditious FB page of 'Heather Chua.' Whoever is behind is not contributing an iota to Singapore but doing it a great disservice. Compare this person's actions to Mdm Fion Phua. He can't hold a candle to her.

There are a number and I'm glad to say, a growing number at that, of Singaporeans who are doing their bit for the less well off, the poor, the sick and the needy. Mdm Phua is one of those, one who shuns the limelight and goes about trying to brighten someone else's life. She doesn't crave attention like the infamous troll 'Heather Chua', although her work has been reported in the Press. Instead she uses this exposure to further bolster her efforts in helping others. The more exposure, the more people know about the needy and the more they too can contribute. 

Mdm Phua 'at it again!!' This time spending 5 hours to clean up this old man's cluttered flat. 

I hope many will join me in thanking Mdm Phua and wishing her well in her endeavours, but more so, to take that further step and contribute and thus make a difference. Let's make it a joyous CNY for every one regardless of race, language or religion. Foreigners or permanent residents residing in Singapore can also join in and help.

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