Before I continue to say what I have to say, I just want to make a disclaimer here. Please do not think that I am siding the government or that I am supporting them.

For me, I see things fairly and not like some Singaporeans who have a dogmatic view about our government – either positively or negatively. Though I may be a youthful 16-year-old Singaporean, however I believe that what need to be said have to be said. I hope that all of you will take my post into consideration not take it as a platform for you to try and correct me or go against me.

From last year till this year, I have seen many things going on in Singapore. First, it is the upset and frustration about the MRT breakdown. Next, it is the videos about Singaporeans who do not offer to give up their seats for those who need it more. Other things will be like the support for the gay marriage, the anguish about the over-influx of foreigners in our countries, and not to forget, the recent case about The Anonymous.

And all of these things that I have mentioned are negative things. True. These are issues that many of us are commenting on. How about the positive stuff that the government had done for us? Are we not guaranteed a stable job? Are we not living in a dynamic society where we respect one another? Are we not gaining much comfort in Singapore, where I can safely say that many of us Singaporeans are being spoon-fed and given more benefits than the foreigners? Ask anyone who is not born and raised in Singapore. Ask if they love our society. If they do, ask them what they enjoy. If they do not, ask them why.

However, I am not here just to question you all. I am here to try and let all Singaporeans see the reality of the world. I feel that many of us are like the frog in the well, only seeing things based on what they think is right and not looking at it in a global level. We may know what is happening around the world but do we applying it in Singapore? Or are we complaining too much and thinking that our government are futile?

Let me start with something simple – about the breakdown of the train. I understand the frustration those who are going to school or heading to work in the morning but somehow, you cannot reach your destination in time because of the faultiness of the train system. And what will our natural reaction be? To many of us, we will hate the MRT and to some, even curse them. Let us compare it with another example. I believe many of us do use the laptops or computers, right? And there are times when these gadgets of ours just fail to function. Indeed, we feel irritated. However, have we blame these electronics again and again or do we seek for solution? You will choose the latter, won’t you? Let us apply it back in this issue. The train is like our PCs. It does break down from time to time. However, should we blame them and say that the SMRT are always bad? Yes, at that point in time, we can bristle with rage. However, after that, we should stop. Worst still, if we are not in that situation, we should further more not vent our frustration. Imagine if you did something wrong and your friends, who are unaffected by it, start to point fingers at you and say bad about you, would you like it? Truly this reflects on our selfish behaviours.

Probably now is the best time to write about the Anonymous. I know many of us fear them. Why? Because they have the ability to hack into our accounts and you guys just fear that they might hack into your account, isn’t it? As you read this, you may think that I am bold to write about them. Yes, I have the courage, not because I want my social media accounts to get hack but because I feel that many of us who blindly support them are not seeing the point. We are so enraged about the government and are blinded by the things that we do not like. Worst still, some of us just hate the government because their friends or relatives hate them. I remember years ago when I was taking the taxi with my grandmother and my grandmother and the driver were talking about the upcoming Presidential Election. The taxi driver was saying that he would vote for Mr Tony Tan. And curiously, I asked him “What things did he do?” And I was shocked with what he replied me, “I don’t know. Heard a lot about him and many people like him, so I thought it’s better to vote for him. Plus, I don’t know who the other [candidates] are.” And if we relate this back to the case of the Anonymous, aren’t we doing the same thing? Because one person’s account got hacked, you fear that yours will too and started to think that they are totally good. But for what reason – you don’t know. Do our government hack into our accounts and threaten us?

The next thing that I’m about to say is crucial. Some of you may have read it on my Facebook or The Real Singapore webpage before. However, if you had not, I urged you to read about it and consider. Don’t be so short-sighted that you only want to obtain the result now and bear the consequences later.

What is justice? Threatening our lives? Hacking into our accounts? Allowing us to carry guns in our dynamic city? Having conflicts every time? Wanting the government to agree with everything we say? Hating the government because of some minor issues? Over looking at the minute matters in Singapore but ignoring the benefits that we gain? Having racialism in Singapore?

Think again. I can say that I’m fortunate to be living in Singapore. Why? The reason is simple – I see things positively. The good things that I benefit in Singapore, I thank the government for it. If something does not concern me, I won’t be involve in it.

What’s democracy then? Living under one block complaining about our neighbours? Going on the street and start ‘Stomp-ing’ people who are not sane? Trying to overpower the government? Thinking too highly about yourself? Blaming everyone?

Apparently, if you read enough books, you will be able to empathise with our society. Try reading “Billy Elliot”. You think that the state is politically and economically stable? Or try reading “I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings” or “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. Is life in the past America what we want to have to consider our society best? Why not read “Lord of the Flies”. Do we want to be like the boys, living in fear and violence? True, these books may be fictional. However, there are more to just plainly reading. In fact, reading a book reflects on the way we think. If we just read it for leisure and not understand the whole purpose of the book, then it reflects why we are just supporting a certain organisation blindly.

I’m not saying that PAP is the best, however, we have to see it globally to make FAIR decision.

What happened at the start of this year in UK? Youths breaking in to stores to steal money. Why? Because the government do not guarantee everyone to have a job. What are we gaining in Singapore? Don’t our government ensure everyone of us a financial-stable job?

Go to Thailand. How many people there hope to have proper, advance education? How many people there hope to get a scholarship? How many people there want to have their education subsidies? And relate it back to our society. As Singaporeans, we get bursary awards. Only the results of Singaporeans are ranked – showing that we are not really competing with the foreign students. We have edusave account. Ask any foreign friends of yours who long to get these benefits.

In the USA, ask how many people are angry with their president because the law for gay marriage is passed. Living in such a bustle and hustle society, did our government ever agree to pass the law for gay marriage? I am not against it just because I am a Christian but because of the negative effects it can bring to our society. What defines family? Having a mother and a father? Or having two mothers? Or otherwise – fathers? (For adopted children). Our future generation will grow up to think that they can be both homosexual and heterosexual and that it is morally correct.

Japan – which many of us are in awe of. Tell me how good is their political system there? Yes, I agree that they are politically stable. However, there are practices that just aren’t right. For instance, thinking that it is right for soldiers to have pleasures with girls as a form of relaxation. Imagine our society to be like that, where women are used as sex object and that we degrade them. Would it be fair?

Then Afghanistan. Their government are corrupted and the innocent people have to live in fear – in fear of war and starvation. What? We are thinking that war is fun based on what the Anonymous said. Many of us are short-sighted, not medically but mentally. We only see things in the present and not for the future.

Then we have Africa. They live in a society lacking proper sanitation. And here we are, getting plenty of water to drink, even from our taps. And what? We are not appreciative about all these stuff.

True, many of us long to live in Norway for their society there is the best. However, be grateful for what you have already and do not ask for more. If people who are living in those countries which I mentioned earlier are pleased with their government, why not us?

Government is a very sensitive issue. Why did we not say about other race or religion? Because they are sensitive topics, aren’t they? The same thing here, if you think that other government are good just based on what they talk and not really knowing what is the background of that party, then I am sad to say that you are really just a copycat – what your friends like, you like. True, there are some non-PAP GRC who walk the talk and I can say, from the bottom of my heart, that they have done a great job. However, what about the rest? If we are just complaining, then why not try becoming the government. At least put yourself in their shoes.

Recently, I read a post written by a youth who vent his anger about the government and say that he wants to take over the government. He does have gut however, the by reading what he wrote, it reflects his attitude and behaviour. If you do not know what I am talking about, I will just briefly say it. Someone hates what the government are doing and wants to be the government. We do not know his race or his name but we know that he is an 18-year-old youth and lives in Ang Mo Kio. He wrote it angrily, with phrases and words like “I have taken a vow to defy you, [Mr] Lee Hsien Loong” and “I will defy you till my last breath”. And he wrote “u” instead of “you” in his post. And obviously, in a non-standard English way, like “I will not listen to to [Mr] Lee Hsien Loong and his (your) stupid brainless comments and reasoning(s).”

So what kind of society do you want to have? A society flooded with gays? A society where the government hack the accounts of their people? A society where we are defenceless? A society where our government will vent their anger on others? A society where we are apathetic? Or do we want a society where we work alongside with the government and improve on our society; where we have our own views and not just follow what others said; where we appreciate what we receive and find solutions for what is not correctly done?

And lastly, I have to say that the society that I am born in is a society who loves to contradict itself. We are so upset when our society was not the top happiest country. And why is that so? After saying so much, I believe I need to elaborate any further. So just think about it and change if you think that there need to be a change.

Terrence Tan

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