Residents Remember Chiam See Tong

It was supposed to be a Christmas walkabout for the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) in Potong Pasir and Bishan last Sunday (Dec 22) morning.

Within hours, however, when SPP’s secretary-general Chiam See Tong and Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Lina Chiam showed up, the trip had become a mini Meet-the-People’s session on the go.

In Potong Pasir, residents immediately came up to give the Chiams their well-wishes before they started complaining about their current Member of Parliament (MP), Sitoh Yih Pin.

Some even took the chance to share with the Chiams issues they faced ever since Sitoh took over the reins.

One middle-aged resident whom The Independent Singapore spoke to and does not want to be named said that she did not think Sitoh would do a better job than See Tong.

Chiam See Tong has helped us in many ways – – he upgraded our lifts and didn’t cancel the upgrading project even after Sitoh and the People’s Action Party took over Potong Pasir.” Said the same resident.

Residents Wish Chiam See Tong a Speedy Recovery

SPP Christmas Walkabout 5

This is the first time in months since Chiam See Tong has stepped out in public to meet and greet people.

Previously, See Tong was unable to come out and meet people – – an activity he has always enjoyed doing – – as he was recovering from a hip injury.


His wife, Lina, has been going around Potong Pasir, talking to the residents, while he was confined to bed rest, recuperating from his injury.

One resident who is in her sixties came up to shake See Tong’s hand told him to get well soon so he can run in the next General Elections.

Another resident, who happened to be ex-colleagues with Lina, came to greet See Tong and thanked him for being their ward’s representative for 27 years. She also told him to get well soon. Just before she left, she gave See Tong a pat on his back to thank him for all that he has done to improve their livelihood, including helping them to upgrade the lifts.

Needless to say, Potong Pasir residents still remember Chiam See Tong and everyone treated him like their close friend.

What about the residents of Bishan estate?

They too, wished Chiam See Tong a speedy recovery while party members and volunteers went around with Santa Claus to hand out presents, balloons and sweets to the children.

An elderly gentleman who resides in a single-room flat in Bishan thanked Chiam See Tong for bringing his party’s A-team to contest against former Deputy Prime minister, Wong Kan Seng, and his team of elites.

And yes, everybody welcome the Chiams and SPP in spite of their party’s electoral defeat in the 2011 General Elections.


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