The police got easy credit and this case allowed them to redeem themselves after the recent Little India langgar fiasco. They needed this publicity badly. They are desperate for it. Now they feel vindicated! It’s because kidnappers are amateurs and according to a local, popular blogger who wishes to remain anonymous this is how the kidnappers should have done it.

1. Again poor planning.

2. Victim’s family was in touch with police about an hour after receiving call. Police coached son all the way right to the end.

3. Kidnappers should have purchased throw away phones with prepaid cards from Batam, Bintan or JB and each time they call they should call from outside Singapore or at least from different locations. This makes tracking hard.

4. To avoid having police coach the son, the first contact with family should be accompanied by a photo of the victim holding the front page of the current day’s newspapers (for authenticity) plus – very important – a body part.

5. Kidnappers must say if family member calls police, another body part will be sent. Every hour whether family calls police or not, send a finger, an ear, etc. See whether family dare call police or not.

6. Next ask for funds to be transferred via online to a secret bank account out of Singapore.

7. Kidnappers should then kill victim to avoid being identified, leave the country, head for the Bahamas, kick back with a beer at the beach, comforted by the thought that 20 million is sitting pretty in their bank.

What do you think?

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