I find that HDB all this while have not been doing what they have been advertising. I am a middle income earner, earning a moderate income of $1.8k per month for the past few years.

I have been applying for a flat from HDB for numerous times and yet have not got any. Surprisingly, the first time I submitted my HLE, it came back with a 90k loan which is seriously low.

Appeal after appeal, went through all the hassle of meeting MPs, past and present, going to and forth HDB Hub…and all that came to a 200+k of loan approved….a surprise jump from a mere 90k initially. But all that was just not good enough.

Was told by HDB officers that I need to fork out 20k levy in cash for my wife who owned a house before with her previous marriage. When I told them we cannot afford the 20k, we were told to look for the resale market instead which was so high with COV at that point of time.

Again we appealed and yes the amount of 20k finally approved to be added on to the new flat that we wanted to purchase. Now here is another issue, after all that we had gone through, we submitted for a BTO or a Balance Sales Flat. Received a reply that the response was tremendous and that we did not get a chance for it.

We tried for another BTO and we just got disappointed again and again. So my wife and I decided that maybe we could settle for a rental flat instead, appealed through MPs, submitted an application, waiting for donkey years and finally the result came saying that we do not qualify as our income is too high.

Now I have seen people staying at the same rental block as my aunt driving Mercedes, BMW…try going to some of the rented flats and check it out. So I assume that these people driving luxurious car are low income earners? Unlikely…

Till now I have been putting up at my in-laws place and let me tell you, it is not something that a husband, a father could be proud of. I felt that I am a failure not being able to provide shelter for my family. So is this what HDB have been saying that they are helping low income earners??? How about the middle earners??? We are absolutely neither here nor there…

Someone really needs a knock on their head and not just sit, earn big money and do nothing….

Homeless SG Citizen

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