Secondary school students to be banded instead of graded for CCAs

SINGAPORE — The Education Ministry is doing away with grades A1 to E8 for students’ co-curricular programmes.

Instead, students will be placed in three bands — Excellent, Good or Fair — at the end of secondary school.

The Excellent band will carry two bonus points, which can be used for entry into tertiary institutions.

The new grading scheme, under the updated Leaps 2.0 framework, will apply from this year’s secondary one cohort.

All other levels in secondary school will continue under the old arrangement for continuity.

Schools will determine which band students are placed in based on how they progress within the framework’s four areas of Leadership, Achievement, Participation and Service.

Each of these domains will be given equal weightage, compared with the old system which placed higher emphasis on leadership and achievement.

The Ministry said the changes will help provide a more well-rounded education, and feedback from parents has been positive.

Ms Liew Wei Li, director of student development curriculum at the Education Ministry, said: “They like it because it’s clearer, it’s simpler, (and) there are no difficult points to compute. They find that it’s also more flexible, more student-centric because we allow the recognition of the students in achievement even outside schools, outside the co-curricular activity.”

Mr Bernard Chew, principal of Bowen Secondary School, said: “I strongly believe that education takes place not just in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. And a complete education for our students means it’s important for our students to get a very holistic, well-rounded education, so that they are prepared not just to pass exams, but to succeed in life.” CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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