MCYS, MP ignore sole breadwinner’s plea for help

I am a 30-year-old lady. I have a daughter who’s in primary 2. I had a second child who unfortunately passed away on November 2012.

I used to work in an office as an operation assistant for 3 years.

After my maternity leave, I went back to work on April 1st.

However, the management changed and my job title and salary were adjusted without informing me. I was so depressed at that time due to my loss of child at stillbirth.

I tried to work and follow their instructions working as a promoter. After a few days later, I could not endure, so I left the company without sending in a termination letter.

Couple days later, I received their letter from MOM.

I attended the hearing and explained to the judges how I felt. The case finally closed and the judge reprimanded my ex-boss for being heartless.

I won the case.

Since I’m the sole breadwinner in my family, I cannot stop working. I found a temporary part-time job as a shop assistant opposite my house.

Because I have to match my timing with my daughter who is studying during noon time, I have to hold on to this job with a $700+ salary.

Regrettably, our monthly expenditure hits almost $2k.

I went around to borrow money from my friends. I was left with no choice, so I went to MCYS Community Care to seek help. I explained to the officers what I went through.

He replied since I could survived so long with low pay, why did I come to them for help.

I was so angry and told him if he couldn’t help, there was no need for him to be nasty.

I then went to MP to lodge a complaint. It was no use as they reverted me back to the same officer. I was again asked to go for an interview.

I went and they wanted to see my husband.

My husband did not want to go so nobody wanted to help me at all. I tried calling the officer, explaining and begging him to approve my case. They rejected me once more.

I really need to find a stable job with better income.

Because of my daughter’s schedule, nobody’s helping me or her to get her ready before school time. I really don’t want to waste my money on hiring a nanny as I feel that it’s the same.

Just to share with you, Mr Gilbert, If you have any question, feel free to ask me.



* Letter first appeared on, a website for unemployed and underemployed Singaporeans.

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