Solicitor-General Koh Juat Jong to retire

SINGAPORE — Solicitor-General Koh Juat Jong will retire on Jan 31 after 31 years in public service, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) announced today (Jan 8).

She will be replaced by Judicial Commissioner Lionel Yee with effect from Feb 1.

As Solicitor-General, Mrs Koh assisted the Attorney-General to supervise the work of more than 250 lawyers in the diverse fields of criminal prosecution, domestic and international civil advisory and litigation work, and legislative drafting.

Mrs Koh, who began her legal career in 1989 as a State Counsel in the AGC, was also credited for her innovative ideas and ensuring that the AGC is adequately resourced to meet the demands for legal services in an increasingly complex environment.

One of her major contributions to AGC is in implementing an electronic workflow system for the monitoring and clearance of legal work.

She was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Gold) National Day Award in 2005 and the Public Administration Medal (Gold) (Bar) National Day Award in 2011.

Attorney-General Steven Chong described Mrs Koh, who is a Senior Counsel, as “a stalwart member of the AGC family, playing a crucial role in all aspects of our work, and making AGC a wonderful place to work in”.

In a press statement, the AGC added that it is looking forward to the appointment of Judicial Commissioner Lionel Yee as the next Solicitor-General.

“We also look forward to welcoming Judicial Commissioner Lionel Yee back to AGC … He was with the AGC for 20 years prior to his elevation to the bench,” it said.

“JC Yee is therefore familiar with the work of the AGC. He will bring with him fresh insights from the bench and an understanding of AGC as an institution.”

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