President Tony Tan pays tribute to late Sir Run Run Shaw

SINGAPORE: President Tony Tan Keng Yam has paid tribute to the late Sir Run Run Shaw.

Writing in a Facebook post, Dr Tan said although living in Hong Kong, Sir Run Run was a good friend and made many contributions to Singapore.

In 1985, when Dr Tan was Minister for Trade and Industry, Sir Run Run made a special visit to Singapore to contribute to the discussions of Singapore’s Economic Committee, which was convened to identify new directions for Singapore’s economic growth.

Each time they met, Dr Tan said he was impressed by Sir Run Run’s drive, perceptiveness and vision.

Dr Tan said many in Singapore and around the world have been touched by Sir Run Run, who was an iconic figure in the entertainment and filming industry, and brought Chinese cinema beyond Hong Kong and China to thousands in Southeast Asia and the world.

He and his brother Run Me started the Shaw Organisation in Singapore to produce films for both the Singapore market and the region.

Dr Tan said the first air-conditioned cinema in Singapore was developed by Shaw Organisation, whose cinemas have remained a significant part of Singapore’s leisure landscape over the years.

He also said Sir Run Run believed in giving back to society, and was exemplary in his philanthropic giving towards charity and various causes such as education, healthcare and the arts.

Dr Tan said he was saddened to learn of Sir Run Run’s passing.

He and Mrs Tan send their sincere condolences to Sir Run Run’s wife, Mona, and family members.

– CNA/gn

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