Two honoured for rescuing victims from burning car

SINGAPORE — Two individuals were recognised today (Jan 6) for rescuing two accident victims trapped in a burning car last week.

Mr Lim Hong Kai, 53, and Mr Yan Zhen Jun, 44, were honoured by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) with the Public Spiritedness Award for their bravery by Colonel Ling Young Ern, Commander of the 4th Civil Defence Division.

Together, Mr Lim and Mr Yan managed to pull a trapped driver and passenger from the burning car in the nick of time.

The car exploded shortly after the victims were dragged out.

Mr Lim, who was in a car accident with his wife 25 years ago, said he remembers how no one came to their rescue at that time.

And he did not spare a second thought when the chance came for him to help the trapped victims.

Mr Lim said: “I saw the car hit the truck and the bonnet was on fire. My first thought was I should step out and help.

“Maybe it’s a human reaction; we feel that there are two people there. We cannot just leave them to be burned.”

The car caught fire on the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) last Friday afternoon.

Police said it was involved in an accident with another car and a tipper truck.

SCDF said the victims, a man and a woman, were sent conscious to the National University Hospital.

Meanwhile, Mr Yan, who was the driver of the tipper truck, smashed the glass panels of the car to try to pull its driver out.

Mr Yan said: “When I broke the glass, Mr Lim had come over to help the people get out. I saw the driver was motionless. So I tried the back door.

“The first time, (he) couldn’t get out. The second time, we used more force and this time, we got him out.” CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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