PMO website hacking case adjourned to February

SINGAPORE — Two brothers charged with hacking offences — including the alleged hacking of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) website — have had their cases adjourned to February.

27-year-old Mohammad Azhar Tahir faces 10 charges, including the alleged offence of modifying contents of the PMO website.

His brother, 21-year-old Mohammad Asyiq Tahir, faces six charges under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act.

They were charged in court in December last year..

In a court mention on today (Jan 6), Deputy Public Prosecutor Hon Yi asked the court for a six-week adjournment.

He said four weeks would be required to carry out investigations, and two weeks will be needed to finalise the charges.

The brothers — who are represented — are out on bail.

Their cases will be mentioned again on Feb 21.

Mohammad Azhar allegedly modified the contents of the PMO website’s server on Nov 7.

He is said to have impaired the server’s search function and caused it to display an image of a mask and some words.

He also faces other charges, including unauthorised access to a computer to gain internet usage, hacking into the online accounts of one individual, and modifying the contents on Twitter and Instagram.

Mohammad Asyiq is accused of illegally accessing a computer to get internet service, hacking into an individual’s YouTube account to upload a video titled “Anonymous Retaliating and gives Warning”, and illegally accessing the Gmail, Hotmail, Blogspot and Facebook accounts of others.

The offences were allegedly committed over several days in November. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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