Dentist fined for telling patient Medisave covered implant cost

SINGAPORE — A dentist has been fined S$15,000 for misrepresentation and professional misconduct, the Singapore Dental Council (SDC) said today (Jan 6).

Dr Sng Wee Hock, who practices under the name of “WH Dental Surgeons”, allegedly put a patient under the false impression that the cost of a dental implant procedure could be fully claimed from her Medisave account, which is untrue. Dr Sng denied the charge of misrepresentation against him.

This amounted to professional misconduct as the misrepresentation made was likely to impact a patient’s decision to undergo the treatment.

As such, the Disciplinary Committee of the SDC ordered Dr Sng to be fined S$15,000, be censured, give a written undertaking to the SDC that he will not repeat the same offence. Dr Sng must also pay 80 per cent of the costs and expenses of and incidental to the proceedings, including the costs of the solicitors to the SDC and Legal Assessor.

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