Syllabus on character, citizenship education launched

SINGAPORE — At Rivervale Primary School, Primary 5 and 6 students get to share their interest in topics, such as cars and spiders, every day with their counterparts in lower primary.

This exercise not only helps to build the speakers’ confidence, but also teaches the younger ones to respect the older students.

This is part of the new Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) syllabus that was introduced yesterday. Parents will also have an active role to play as key chapters will have “family time” activities, where students are encouraged to share what they have learnt in school with their parents.

The CCE, which was launched by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat at Rivervale Primary, will be introduced this year in stages in Pri 1 and 2 and secondary schools, before being extending to Pri 3 to Pri 6 next year.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines, Mr Heng hoped parents would make use of the CCE syllabus to bond with their children.

“Ultimately, parents are the child’s first and most important teacher,” the minister said.

The new syllabus will be more interactive and draw from actual daily experiences of the students, as well as stories from their culture and heritage.

It will also feature more activities that encourage putting values into action. CCE lessons range from two to two-and-a-half hours each week in school, and all teachers are trained to conduct the programme.

As the syllabus provides broad guidelines, its implementation will differ from school to school.

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