PAP Reverts Back To Its Dirty Habit Of Attacking Political Dissidents Post GE2020

I read with much concern, of latest developments surrounding the Court cases of political dissidents/Opposition MPs and can’t help but recall the words of the younger Lee siblings alleging “abuse” of various State organs, with the subsequent passionate Parliamentary speech by MP Sylvia Lim to “protect our Institutions before it’s too late”. Is it too late now? Only 12 MPs in the House can answer!

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How Does PAP Shawn Huang 20 Years of SAF Experience Qualify Him As Temasek Holdings Director?

For the position of an Associate which is far below a director, it requires at least 1-2 years working experience, preferably in a top-tier private equity, investment bank, corporate finance, M&A or research firm. So can you tell me how did someone from the SAF is able to join this cooperation as a director when you doesn't have the experience of even an Associate?

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Why Are PAP Losers Allowed To Be Grassroots Advisors, Use PA Facilities & Resources When WP Winners Cannot?

Despite winning the elections for Aljunied, Sengkang and Hougang, Workers' Party MPs still have to hold their Meet-the-People's sessions in make-shift cubicles at the open-air void decks. Contrast this to the PAP losing candidates, who still get the role of 'grassroots advisors' and are freely allowed to use the CCs and RCs for their grassroots activities.

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Ho Ching Sends Cryptic Message After Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh Announces Salary Donation

When Pritam Singh announced he would be donating 50% of his salary, the all-noble and charitable Ho Ching was so surprised by his generosity that she wanted people to know that there are also people (ehem) who donate without making announcements.

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GE2020: WP Png Eng Huat Exposes The Civil Service For Addressing Unelected PAP Loser As MP Of Hougang

Hougang residents have received letters and replies from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social And Family Development, which say that the losing and unelected PAP candidate Lee Hong Chuan is the MP of Hougang SMC. This is another insidious way in which the PAP tries to hold on to power.

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GE2020: PAP Manifesto Sent to Residents in People's Association Envelope

PAP, even though it is a open secret that the People's Association is your running dog on the ground, even though you deny it, you don't have to make it this obvious right? Sending your manifestos along with masks to resident using envelopes bearing the PA logo?

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GE2020: PAP's Jalan Besar Candidate Mr Sundilah Accused of Playing Up Malay Stereotype

During the Jalan Besar constituency broadcast, PAP candidate Dr Wan Rizal Wan Zakariah said that he spent his years in the kampong, chasing chickens, climbing trees and in the HDB he played sports, that's how he ended up in normal stream in secondary school. What he is missing is just lepak play guitar at void deck.

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