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Lim Tean And Other Party Members Met With Malaysian Counterpart To Study Their Success

Lim Tean And Other Party Members Met With Malaysian Counterpart To Study Their Success

The discussion was hosted at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, and was also attended by Malaysian Member Of Parliament for Petaling Jaya, Ms Maria Chin Abdullah. Ms Maria Chin is known for her role in the Bersih Movement, and was even imprisoned by Najib Razak's government for the Bersih protest. She subsequently contested and won the Petaling Jaya constituency in 2018, contesting as an Independent candidate. She joined Anwar Ibrahim's PKR after being voted in as the MP for Malaysia's largest constituency.

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When I heard news that Lim Tean has resigned from NSP, I wasnt surprised of the reasons for his resignation. Curtailment of his freedom of speech is one of it. Often times, it's the alternative parties that espouses freedom of speech but in reality, fall short of implementing it within its own organization. I encountered many times where alternative parties feel uneasy when its members are vocal about issues they feel strongly about. Issues like LGBT, Tudung issue, discrimination, religion, 377A, article 154 etc.

But of course not all of the alternative parties hold such unwritten rules. It depends on the leader at helm. Some may argue that members need to toe along the party lines to achieve unity within the organization but by doing so, it instead create artificial harmony within its rank. These parties are then no better than the PAP, the very one they hope to replace. In this aspect, I'm proud to be a part of The Reform Party where its leadership never once tried to curtail my freedom of speech as long as it is done in a responsible manner. I wish Lim Tean all the best. It is better to move away than to be in a party and gets zipped up. That can spell the end of democracy.

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Lim Tean, Tan Kin Lian, Syafarin Sarif and I had started the initiative to publish a Non-Partisan Joint Statement in support of Dr Tan Cheng Bock's challenge of the Constitutional change to enforce Reserved Elected Presidency based on dubious grounds.

We have come together as a group of concerned Singaporeans, from diverse walks in life and from a wide political spectrum, to ask Singaporeans to stand up and to protect our Constitution from constant manipulation by the PAP government to suit their selfish political needs.

We are pleased to note that Dr Tan Cheng Bock has mounted a judicial challenge to the constitutionality of the next Presidential Election being a reserved election. Even if it is now the law that there must be a reserved election for a particular racial group if no one from that group has been President after 5 continuous terms, it is clear to everyone of us that only the Presidential election of 2023 need be a reserved election. The next Presidential election in September this year should be an open election as there have been only 4 elected Presidents since the Elected Presidency scheme came into effect, with Mr Ong Teng Cheong being our first elected President. We do not know of any ordinary Singaporean who has taken an opposing view.

Since the PAP Government insists that the upcoming Presidential election is a reserved election under the Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act 2017, the burden was on them to explain to the Singapore people the basis of their decision. It was incumbent upon them to produce the advice which they said they had obtained from the Attorney-General, which formed the basis of their decision. This is no different to a judge having to give his reasons for a decision made by him. It was important for the Government to have made known the reasoning behind the Attorney-General’s advice because the Attorney-General’s advice does not constitute the law of the land and is open to challenge by way of Judicial Review.

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