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GE2020: PAP's Jessica Tan Thought Makcik Wear Tudung to Look Pretty

PAP East Coast candidate Jessica Tan, aka upside-down mask woman, embarrassed herself once again when during a house visit, she failed to understand why the makcik declined to take a photo with her when she was not wearing a Tudung. Insisting on a photo, she said “No need la pretty already!” Xia suay.

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GE2020: PAP's Jalan Besar Candidate Mr Sundilah Accused of Playing Up Malay Stereotype

During the Jalan Besar constituency broadcast, PAP candidate Dr Wan Rizal Wan Zakariah said that he spent his years in the kampong, chasing chickens, climbing trees and in the HDB he played sports, that's how he ended up in normal stream in secondary school. What he is missing is just lepak play guitar at void deck.

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GE2020: PAP Candidate Hany Soh's Facebook Page Ownself Wished Ownself Recovery

PAP Marsiling-Yew Tee candidate Hany Soh's Facebook admin was caught forgetting to switch accounts. This happened when a comment appeared to ownself console ownself after she posted about fracturing her foot during her campaign.

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GE2020: Pritam Singh Says Candidates Should Be Authentic and Upfront, Not Sanitise Their Past

WP's Sengkang candidate Raeesah Khan, the subject of police reports on her online posts about minority discrimination, has stepped forward to make an apology this evening. In great team spirit, WP Chief Pritam Singh stood by his decision to field her and confirmed she will continue with the campaigning.

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GE2020: PAP Aljunied Suicide Squad Giving Out Bird's Nest to Voters in Their Ward After Giving Free Texas Chicken

First it was 2-piece Texas chicken and now upgraded to bird's nest. The desperate PAP Aljunied suicide squad is resorting to more expensive goodies to lure voters into giving them their vote as if it can be bought with food.

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GE2020: Heng Swee Keat Fumbles Embarrassingly During Nomination Day Speech

After being sent to East Coast GRC to go up against the WP's team consisting of promising candidate Nicole Seah, Fumbling Heng lived up to his name and fumbled embarrassingly during his Nomination Day speech. What made it more awkward was that Jessica Tan, who was standing behind him, had her mask upside down with an inverted PAP logo.

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GE2020: Opposition Candidates' Pictures Missing in ST Nomination Day Live Coverage

The 158th media has made no effort to hide their bias against the opposition by leaving out faces of opposition candidates in their Nomination Day Live Coverage. 158 did not bother to find photos of opposition candidates and just showed them as blanks while all the PAP candidates' faces were shown. What is their excuse for not being able to get a photo of the prominent Paul Tambyah who is going to be president of the International Society of Infectious Diseases?

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GE2020: PAP's Ivan Lim Withdraws From Candidacy After Mounting Controversy

In less than 24 hours after PAP's Ivan Lim announced he was determined to carry on contesting in GE2020, he U-turned and withdrew his candidacy. If Lim and the PAP thought they could quell the criticisms against Lim, they probably realised how wrong they were and how grossly they underestimated the intensity of the feedback against Lim's conduct.

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