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Work-From-Home ‘Coronaconomy’

Rather than leaving it up to employers to decide whether their employees would work from home, the Government can adopt a tripartite approach of facilitating employers to offer their employees the choice of working remotely by briefing employees in advance of the employers’ expectation on and requirement of, such arrangements.

With many people still choosing to go out despite the virus risk, an award scheme may be implemented as an incentive for residents to stay at home. Those who have to leave their homes for work may also maximise productivity of the economy through ways such as doubling as delivery freelancers.

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To Close, or Not Close, Is That the Only Choice for MOE?

Instead of being for or against closing schools, how about we let parents decide whether their children would stay home to receive their education online? This will allow families facing different circumstances to make their decisions accordingly. It may also facilitate the implementation of social distancing in schools as certain classrooms and teachers may be freed up so that conventional class size may be reduced with the potential bonus of enhancing the quality of education delivery.

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Huawei Assured Consumers Of Continued Updates & Services, But How Will S'poreans React?

Huawei announced that users who have already bought its products will not be affected following its ban. It will continue to provide security updates and after sales services to its consumers. It did not forget to remind fans of its "substantial contributions" to the tech industry and users all over the world. Will Singaporeans remain indifferent or rush to sell their phones?

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Rude E-Scooter Rider Refused To Pay After Damaging Car, Should Not Be On The Roads In The First Place

A careless e-scooter rider refused to pay up or admit his mistake after crashing into a car at Woodlands. He was not supposed to be on the road and worst, was not wearing a helmet. Unfortunately for him, the accident was caught on camera and he may not be able to get away scot free.

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Lee Hsien Yang Offered $20k To Help Activist Jolovan Wham In His Court Appeal

Singapore activist Jolovan Wham has expressed gratitude towards Lee Hsien Yang for offering $20,000. Wham is appealing against the High Court which found him guilty of scandalising the judiciary. He previously insinuated that Malaysia's judges were more independent than Singapore's. What will LHL have to say to this now that his brother is helping an activist he is so against? How will this feud unfold?

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Man Desperately Looking For Suitable Liver Donor For His Father, Begged That He Be Granted New Lease Of Life

A man living in Singapore is desperately looking for a suitable liver donor for his father. His father suffers from end-stage liver disease and has blood type O+. Those who are keen to help give the father a new lease of life may click in for more details.

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Dr Tan Cheng Bock's First Meet The People Session Drew Massive Crowd, Proves That He Remains Popular Among Singaporeans

More than 200 people showed up at Dr Tan Cheng Bock's first Meet the People Session last week. Dr Tan is leading his new political party called the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), and has evidently garnered the attention and support of many Singaporeans. He was grateful for the turnout and announced that his party will officially be launched in June. The Pappies should be scared of what is coming soon!

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Excited Netters Share Photos, Videos Of Waterspout Sighting In Singapore

Singaporeans were treated to a rare waterspout sighting near the downtown areas. Do not worry, waterspouts are weaker and as dangerous as the tornadoes we see on TV. Meanwhile, expect thundery showers lasting through to the next week. Is winter finally coming?

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