Since the beginning of Singapore, PAP leaders have been instilling unnecessary fear in Singaporeans towards the opposition. LKY claims that Singapore women will work as maids overseas when the opposition takes over while GCT has gone as far as to label the opposition as opportunistic “nomads”

It has been slightly more than a year since the 2015GE and I would like to challenge this notion as pure bullshit.


PAP stooge Victor Lye’s actions clearly show that this is a myth. During the elections, he would go round nit-picking opposition MPs for irrelevant issues such as plant blades being too sharp. Where is he now after he has been rejected by the electorate?

Do you remember a Wikileaks cable where PAP backbencher Charles Chong admitted that PAP could not reach out to top talent of its choice and had to resort to getting “second or third tier” choices and to put them in GRCs?\

Even for those who have successfully become MPs, have you seen the numerous MPs who have not spoken up in parliament at all? People like Lim Wee Kiak who have asked irrelevant questions such as the number of residents who have complained about foul smells?

By contrast, you need more perseverance and dedication to be in the opposition camp with the negative perception. For example, people like Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Tan Kin Lian could easily be a high-flying MPs if they joined the PAP but they decided to be part of the opposition instead because of their beliefs.

As time goes by, it is important to note that LKY and his faithful lieutenants such as Goh Keng Swee are a different breed whose only concern was to build Singapore up even though they were not paid millions. PAP needs a serious wake-up call such as the loss of Aljunied GRC for them to buck up their performance.

I hope Singaporeans can consider the above and know the benefits of democracy!

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